Lake Pleasant Cruises, Peoria


We took a brunch cruise with Lake Pleasant Cruises [hosted]

Our confirmation had parking directions and tips to get there 45min early. We are glad we did because there was a line to get into the lot ($7 to park) and a line to catch a cart to the boat. 🚙 

We brought toys, binoculars and a scavenger hunt/coloring page I made. Download it for free below! The girls did great keeping on their life jackets on the whole time! (12 and under are required to wear them for safety) 🛶 

It was an hour of half of cruising and the brunch consisted of French toast, bacon, eggs, potatoes, fruit and pastries. We could get more if we were still hungry too! It was all really yummy! Juices come with the meal and bar drinks are available for purchase. (Bring cash for the bar and tips!)🍹 

It’s a great option for celebrations or hosting out of town family! Make sure to mention your special occasion when you book and you’ll get a shout out from the crew! 🎉

The brunch cruise costs $60 per adult, $40 for children 4-12 and $10 for children 0-3. 🥓

Check out for more cruise options like Fall Music Cruises, Halloween Cruises, Sunset Cruises and more! 🌅 

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