Chesnutt Park


4565 N Granite Reef Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, USA




Playground, Restrooms, Splash Pad, toddler play

Chesnutt Park, Scottsdale: A small park with separate playgrounds for bigger kids and tots, a splash pad and a restroom.

Age recommendation: 2 – 12

Hours: Sunrise to 10:30

What to expect: There is a small parking lot dedicated to this park and a tiny community center building on site as well. The playgrounds are closer to the lot and the splash pad and restrooms are down a little further. The splash pad is operated by buttons and there is a stone climbing area adjacent to it. There are a few picnic tables as well.

Tips: The “parent seating” near the splash pad consists of benches that can actually get drenched by the water. There are also picnic tables nearby but bring towels or a picnic blanket to sit on in the grass just in case they are taken or you’d like to be closer to the kids while they play. Trees create some nice, shady spots.

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