Butterfly Wonderland


9500 East Vía de Ventura, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, USA


Advance tickets (24 hrs), $21.95 adults, $13.95 children 2-12. Anytime tickets $22.95 adults, $14.95 children 2-12. Children under 2 are free. Save money by buying a combo ticket if you plan on visiting any of the other Arizona Boardwalk attractions in the same year including Odysea Aquarium and Pangea Land of the Dinosaurs.



(480) 800-3000


aquarium, indoor, indoor play, zoo

Butterfly Wonderland, Scottsdale: A Butterfly Garden experience with an aquarium, reptile and other critter exhibits.

Age recommendation: 2 years and up

Hours: 9am- 5pm Sunday through Wednesday, 9am-6pm Thursday through Saturday.

What to expect: A greenhouse butterfly garden, reptile, bug and aquarium exhibits. A 3D movie will be offered at the beginning and there is a gift shop at the end.

Tips: While the 3D movie is great, it is difficult for kids under 3 to sit through. They’ll let you go straight through if you choose to skip it.

Also, they don’t like when you bring your own food. So if you bring snacks, try to eat outside before or after your experience or you can purchase their food in the Cafe.

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