Apache Park, Chandler

Apache Park, Chandler: A park in Chandler with a playground, walking paths, tennis courts, racquetball courts and more.

Age recommendation: 2 – 12

Hours: 6am – 10:30pm

What to expect: A park with 2 play sets (one for bigger and one for littler kids), walking paths, tennis courts, raquetball courts, and basketball courts. Lots of sand to play in. Also there are officially restrooms… but they were locked up when we were there. The playground also has one of the tallest slides I have seen! Here’s a map.

Tips: The parking lot entrance is a bit hidden and looks like a walking path if you look at it too quickly. It will look like an alley, go through and there is a parking lot on the other side.

Address: 1300 N Hartford St, Chandler, AZ 85225

Phone: (480) 782-2727

Website: https://www.chandleraz.gov/explore/chandler-parks/guide/apache-park

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